Icons of Jesus Christ
The Mandylion is an image of the Saviour’s face, miraculously reproduced onto a piece of cloth. In Greek, the word mandylion stands for a shawl or a shroud. The emergence of this iconographic style is connected with the legend of King Abgar of Edessa. One day King Abgar contracted a fatal disease, probably leprosy, and he sent one of his messengers to Jesus, requesting to be cured. In response, the Saviour sent to him one of his disciples – Thaddeus – who brought him the image of Christ, which had been miraculously created on a shawl after Jesus had pressed it against his face. The moment the king saw the Mandylion, he was cured. After that, he himself, as well as many of his subjects converted to Christianity.
Egg tempera on wood, sized 35 cm x 35 cm, covered with craquelure.
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