Icons of the Virgin
a piece of wood from the table at which Jesus, the Mother of God and Saint Joseph dined together. When the icon was brought to the Mother of God, she said: “From now on, everyone shall praise me to the skies. Let this icon bring the grace of him who was born from me, and of Tradition has it that the icon of the Virgin of Vladimir was created by Lukas the Evangelist on mine.” It shows the Baby Jesus snuggling closely against Mary’s cheek, his face showing profound fear caused by the awareness of the forthcoming Passion. The fullness of knowledge and wisdom of a child at this age, as well as the human fear, testify to the truth of the dual Divine and human, nature of Christ. Directed to the person looking at the icon, the penetrating look of Mary inclines us to reflect on the Story of Redemption. This image highlights the unique spiritual relationship between the Virgin, Jesus and the person praying before the icon, so full of love, tenderness, and faith. The icon of the Virgin of Vladimir is the most widely-adored icon of Mary in Russian areas.
Egg tempera on wood, sized 17 cm x 21 cm
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