Icons of the Virgin
The original of this icon is kept in the Monastery of Vatopedia on Mount Athos. Tradition has it that in 807 the mount was invaded by villains. Lurking in the bushes, they waited for the dawn to break, at which the monastery gates would become wide open for them to get in and rob it. Having finished their morning prayers, the monks dispersed and went to their cells to rest, only the Father Superior remaining in the Church. Suddenly, the Virgin in the icon nearby moved slightly, giving a warning not to open the gates that day. At the same time, Christ in the same icon covered Mary’s mouth with his hand, claiming that the monks had committed too many sins and should be punished accordingly. However, the Virgin caught Christ’s hand and said her warning. The Father Superior said not to open the gates that day, thereby saving the monastery from robbery. The most famous icon of the Virgin of Vatopedia in Poland is found in the Orthodox Monastery in Ujkowice. This icon is also referred as the Virgin of Comfort.
Egg tempera on wood, sized 30 cm x 40 cm
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